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Hosting> Linux or Windows Platform For Web Hosting?

Hough & Wood Technology Group - Linux or Windows Platform For Web Hosting?

Should I use a Linux or Windows-based server?

Advantages of Unix Servers

A major advantage is that many commercial and freeware server applications are designed for use with Linux machines. The fact that Linux is open-source (ie. the source code is freely available) means that it is constantly being developed, updated and any bugs discovered are fixed in a short space of time. The most significant appeal that Linux systems have is their reliability. The operating system is able to squeeze a lot more out of a lot less resources. The stability of the Linux OS has been its major attraction.

Disadvantages of Unix Servers

The learning curve can be quite steep for those wanting to take advantage of advanced features. Also, some Microsoft server applications cannot be used in a Unix environment (eg. Active Server Pages).

Advantages of Windows Servers

Ease of use is a key advantage that Windows systems have. A user with little experience can get advanced features working relatively quickly and easily, especially considering the various Microsoft tools and programs that are available. Because many people use Windows on their personal machines, they are already comfortable with using Windows.

Disadvantages of Windows Servers

A major disadvantage of running Windows is the cost involved. While the software might be easy to use, the cost of purchasing them is quite high. Windows is also not as easy on servers as Unix. In order to maintain stability, a significant amount of resources have to be made available. This, in turn, impacts on hardware costs.

What’s better: UNIX/Linux or Windows?

Which is better — Linux-based hosting or Windows-based hosting — depends greatly on what types of web development tools, scripts and programs are most important to you.

For example, you’ll want Linux if you plan to run PHP scripts or use a MySQL database. Linux also is widely considered a more stable and versatile platform for hosting, as well as a lower-cost one. Linux, a free, open source flavor of UNIX, is free; all of Microsoft’s software costs money (usually lots of it).

On the other hand, if you expect to make heavy use of Microsoft tools like Active Server Pages, Visual Basic or SQL Server, you should probably consider Windows hosting. Keep in mind that just because you might use Windows on your home or office computer doesn’t mean Windows-based hosting is the best option for you.

Reasons For Choosing A Linux Hosting Plan

Linux Plans can be configured to work with a wide variety of applications to include proprietary and/or free shopping carts, data bases, guestbooks, counters, text editors, live audio and video extensions, on-line auctions, chat rooms, etc. Clients use their Hough & Wood Technology Group Linux server solutions for e-commerce, virtual postcards, polls and surveys, secure conferencing, application hosting, market research, banner advertisements, email (virtual post offices), classified ads, search engines, on-line stores and malls and much more. You can use most any web authoring and publishing tool. We do not "limit" you to cookie cutter solutions, and as always, we provide you with maximum flexibility. Linux hosting is always our first choice if you do not need or use Microsoft's advanced tools and options. Our choosing Linux as a hosting platform is based on superior speed, functionality and reliability. Linux hosting is also priced right as a great many Linux applications out there are open sourced and are available for free.

Reasons For Choosing A Windows Hosting Plan

Windows Plans give you all the Microsoft applications with which you are familiar. Our Windows plans are powerful, easy to use, and packed full of value added features. Hough & Wood Technology Group's hosting solutions allow you to start small and scale upward to whatever server and bandwidth combination fits your needs. Our client's range from small businesses to large corporate clients. Our server architecture is the most robust and flexible in the industry. Windows 2000 Web Hosting is suited specifically for users who require advanced tools and options that are not available on other platforms such as ASP, ODBC, custom dll's and databases such as Access and MS SQL.

Whatever type of plan you choose, Hough & Wood Technology Group will provide you with the industry's best service and support!


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